Service Provider

Insurance Service Provider

Companies executing insurance policies in their own name.

Courier Services

Branch operation of a courier company licensed in Dubai or elsewhere in the United Arab Emirates.

Travel Agency

Agents of international airlines authorised to reserve passengers' seats and sell travel tickets. This also includes travel offices involved in the same activity as intermediaries.

Tour Services

Includes firms which activate tourism inside and outside the country. They carry out all procedures and contacts with the competent authorities in order to arrange travel and stay procedures, facilitate transportation, prepare visits to tourist landmarks and other activities that contribute to the promotion of tourism. The activity includes school, scientific trips, summer or winter camps which carry recreational, cultural nature.

Car Rental

Lease and rental of cars without drivers not to include limousines or chauffeur services.

Recruitment Agency

Firms providing companies and establishments with recruitment services.

Computer and Electronic Accessories

Retail provision of computers of computer accessories and electronic accessories.

Telephone Accessories

Retail provision of telephone and telephone accessories i.e. mobile phones, paging systems, telephones.

Digital Printing and Copying

Retail provision of copying, binding of documents, audio or video duplication and related activities.


Includes reselling stationary, such as copying and writing paper, notebooks, record books, various types of pens and pencils, rulers, sharpeners, paper perforators, paper clipping requisites, ready stamps, typewriters ribbons and other stationary materials, also, drawing requisites including geometrical drawing pencils, decorative
pens, rulers, triangular rulers, colours, colour pencils, ink, drawing paper and others.


Mini stores established in public access areas for retail purposes of consumer goods, such as refreshments, gifts, magazines and newspapers, as well as some personal goods and requisites.


Retail provision of food and beverages for immediate consumption by the public.

Coffee shop

Retail provision of coffee, tea, juices, biscuits, certain sweet cakes and ice-creams for immediate consumption by the public.


Retail provision of snacks, juices and beverages for immediate consumption by the public.

Ice-cream Shop

Shops which prepare and sell ice cream for immediate consumption by the public.

Bread & Bakery

Retail provision that produce and sell different types of bread and bakery products such as cakes, biscuits and toasted bread.

Catering Services

Companies providing catering service for corporate or private events.


Branches of health facility duly licensed in Dubai or elsewhere in the United Arab Emirates to receive examine and treat patients, including stay during the treatment.

Medical Clinic

Branches of medical clinics and doctors' surgeries licensed in Dubai or elsewhere in the United Arab Emirates.

Dental Clinic

Branches of dental clinics licensed in Dubai or elsewhere in the United Arab Emirates.

Poly Clinic

Branch of a licensed health facility where there is more than one doctor licensed permanently in different specialities under central management prescribing therapy on an out-patient basis.

Medical Laboratory

Branches of health facility duly licensed in Dubai or elsewhere in the United Arab Emirates, where a pathologist is permanently available. It is equipped to perform various medical analysis tests for medical diagnosis purposes.


A specialized facility licensed to sell and prepare registered drugs, pharmaceuticals, medical supplies and dispense herbal and medical drugs against medical prescription,according to the laws and regulations issued by competent authority of UAE. It is supervised by a licensed pharmacist who works permanently in the pharmacy.


Firms specialised in vision testing services and prescription and sale of lenses and glasses.

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Centre

Branch operation of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Centre licensed in Dubai where a specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation is permanently available. It is specialized in rehabilitating patients through simulation of natural body functions using them in treatment after conducing all necessary medical tests to verify reasons of therapy upon instructions by the treating doctor.

Medical Spa

Branch of a licensed Medical Spa centre providing variety of treatments for relaxation, rejuvenation, preventive healthcare, detoxification, fitness and general well being.

Health Club / Fitness Centre

Branch operation of an exercise, training or fitness centre.

Beauty Salon Men

Parlours which offer beauty treatment, hair cutting and hair care services, nail care services or skin care services for men.

Beauty Salon Ladies

Parlours which offer beauty treatment, hair cutting and hair care services, nail care services or skin care services for ladies.

Beauty Salon

Parlours which offer beauty treatment, hair cutting and hair care services, nail care services or skin care services.

Spa Club

Branch operation of Parlours licensed in Dubai or elsewhere in the United Arab Emirates offering spa and massage services along with skin care treatments or services.

Childcare Nursery

Branch operation of a childcare centre or nursery licensed in Dubai or elsewhere in the United Arab Emirates.

Book Store

Retail provision of books, notebooks, office stationery.

Music and Video

Retail provision of consumers of CDs, tapes, DVDs and similar media.

Flower Shop

Retail provision of flowers and plant arrangements.

Specialty Store

Retail provision of specialty goods.

Convenience Store

Retail provision of general consumer goods.


Branch operation of commercial complexes involved in marketing consumer fresh, preserved and canned foodstuff, household utensils and tools, detergents and other consumer goods for personal use.


A hypermarket is a superstore which combines a supermarket and a department store resulting in a very large retail facility which carries an enormous range of products under one roof, including full lines of groceries and general merchandise.

Commercial Bank

Includes firms which regularly receive money from the public in the form of call, notice or time deposits, or invest loan instruments or deposit certificates to use them partially or fully in the granting of loans and advances for their account and on their own responsibility. This also includes firms which issue and receive cheques, introduce public and private loans, trade in foreign currencies or precious metals, open documentary credits, exchange travel cheques, and carry out other banking services.

Credit & Finance Bank

Includes firms mainly involved in lending or granting individual or commercial loans, as well as financing and participating in existing or under-establishment projects, or investing their money in movable assets, such as goods or any means determined by the Central Bank. The activities of such firms do not include the receipt of money in the form of deposits. However, they are permitted to borrow from their main office, other local or foreign banks, or from stock markets.

Bank Liaison Office

Includes offices established in the Emirate of Dubai and managed by any of the international foreign banks. They are intended to promote the activities of the major banks existing in the fatherland country or those of any of their branches. They are also assigned to facilitate contacts between the concerned banks and their clients.

Banking Services

Branch operation of a bank licensed in Dubai or elsewhere in the United Arab Emirates for specific banking services.

Money Exchangers

Includes financial firms which work for their own account or the account of others in money exchange field, which is based on the purchase and sale of negotiable foreign currencies, monetary notes and coins. Their activities also include the purchase and sale of travellers cheques, financial transfers and other exchange activities regulated by the laws and statutes of the Central Bank. This activity does not include firms working in financial and monetary brokerage.

Photo Studio

Retail provision of photography and photographic development services.


Retail provision of clothes washing, cleaning and ironing services.

Government Relations

Companies engaged in providing advice or consultancy to organizations and individuals, relating to government and non-government transactions and matters for relocation purposes

Documents Clearing Services

Includes firms which undertake to submit documents of commercial and personal transactions belonging to others to government and non-government bodies and following up these documents pending finalization of their formalities. This also includes services related to translation such as typing, photocopying, attestation of documents etc.

Publishing Distribution Agency

Companies providing service of distributing the final publishing product from its source to its customers.

Facilities Management Services

Companies that are specialised in managing other firms such as public utilities, movie houses, restaurants, parks, private schools and hospitals, industrial and commercial firms, all under prevailing laws and regulations.

General Maintenance

Includes general maintenance of residential, commercial or industrial buildings, including repairing walls and roofs, painting, sanitary plumbing as well as mechanical maintenance, such as reparation and equipment installation, air-conditioning, lifts, escalators, swimming pools, lighting towers, laundry and central kitchens, also electrical maintenance, mainly electric fixtures distribution panels.

Interior Decoration

Includes interior decoration works, including wooden oriens, gypsum decoration of ceilings, flooring and curtains fixing as well as other similar complete works executed by the firm.

Landscaping Works

Includes interior and exterior landscaping and the pertaining works of constructions and fitting of fixtures, including swimming pools, fountains, water-falls, water ways and bridges etc.

Structural Quantity Surveying Services

Companies that undertake surveying structural quantities in terms of sizes and prices, upon the basis of designs and structural specifications set for the construction of projects.

Promotional Gifts Preparation

Companies that engrave and print names or drawings or stick photos and trademarks on promotional gifts such as pens, watches, stationery, etc.

Gent's Tailoring

Shops engaged in tailoring men's and boys' clothing.

Ladies Tailoring

Shops engaged in tailoring women's and girls' clothing.

Ready-Made Garments

Shops selling of all types of ready-made garments.

Jewellery Shop

Shops reselling gold and other precious metals jewellery and precious stones.

Perfumes and Cosmetics Shop

Shops reselling cosmetics, skin care, makeup, fragrance and perfume, hair, beauty products.

Electronics Store

Shops selling electronic goods.

Light Fitting and Fixture Shop

Shops reselling lighting lamps, ornamental ceiling lamps and other lighting products.

Valet Parking Services

Companies engaged in providing hotel and restaurants or other firms with employees to perform car parking services, in private or public parking lots, to the customers of said places.

Art Gallery

A room or series of rooms where works of art are exhibited and may include exhibitions of artistic activities.

Clearing and Forwarding

Companies engaged in clearing cargo from customs, which may include the preparation and clearing of documents issued by customs authorities, storing the cargo and / or forwarding the cargo to the destinations specified by the client on its behalf.

Freight Clearing Services

Includes firms specialized in preparing and clearing coustoms documents issued by the customs authorities, and also to finalize customs formalities when all legal conditions concerning the shipments are satisfactory. The process may include obtaining a permit for carge load or unload or moving the cargo in or out the port, to provide information about the cargo to consignor or consignee.

Warehousing and Distribution

Companies engaged in providing logistics services, which may include warehousing/storage; packaging; distribution; managing, planning and controlling the flow of goods and services.

Ship Chandlers

Includes providing ships and other sea transport units with foodstuff, fresh water, fuel, spare parts, medicines etc.