Human Resources Consultancy

Organizational Restructuring and Reorganizing

Provide organizations the necessary consultancy services by recommending and implementing partial or full restructuring and reorganizing plans and strategies in order to help them improve performance, productivity and competiveness in the industry.

Strategic HR planning

Provide organizations with consultancy services and help them develop integrating human resource management strategies and systems to achieve the overall mission, strategies, and success of the firm while meeting the needs of employees and other stakeholders.

Job Description and Job Evaluation

Provide organizations with consultancy services in job analysis, processing general tasks, or functions, and responsibilities of a position, then determining the relative size of each job within an organization to create a hierarchy that establishes the worth of each job to the organization.

International re-locations & orientation

Provide organizations and their employees with support, advice and hands-on assistance, pre-moving orientation, housing research, administrative formalities, immigration, travel, children‟s schooling and other services relate to the well-being of the employees and in particular assisting expatriates settle into new environment in order to increase their productivity and enhance their performance.

Change management

Provide organizations with a systematic approach, appropriate analytical and diagnostic techniques to enable them to assess current operational state and to identify the most significant conflicts, constraints, and impediments affecting key processes and recommend best solutions with a framework for the implementation.

Compensation, Benefits & Recognition

Provide assistance to the organizations to determine and develop comprehensive employee compensation and reward system. Also provide solutions for effective staff recognition and retention strategies.

Performance Management

Providing specialized assistance for organizations to create highly effective, world-class systems and processes to develop and enhance employee and organization performance.

Career Development & Management

Provide specialized assistance to organizations by developing a system for talented and executive employees to be developed for future position in accordance to the organizations objectives and strategies.

HR Audits & Accountabilities

Provide organizations with internal assessment of policies and practices, identify areas of non-compliance or weakness, uncover issues, and determine how to strategically align HR practices with business objectives. Also set up clear roles and responsibilities to diagnose organizational and human capital functions and accountabilities to get clarity about their focus and deliverables.