PDM Team

Dubai Knowledge Village (DKV) Partner Development was launched in early 2007 with the main objective of supporting the growth of both, DKV’s business partners, and the knowledge-based economy of Dubai and offering a platform for knowledge and best practices sharing.

Part of DKV PDM core functionality is to bring state-of-the-art workshops, publications and research to the current workforce and executives within the UAE as well as nurture the future by tapping into the development of students and teachers.

We assist regional companies right from small businesses to large corporations, to operate more efficiently through targeted initiatives with industry experts and consultants from DKV.

We have created several platforms to facilitate exchange of knowledge and best practices in diverse areas like education, project management, leadership, work life balance, investment, sales, IT, design, HR and tourism among others. We also conduct industry specific events focusing on sectors like oil & gas, Finance, Banking, Investments and so on.

The constantly changing fabric of the modern business environment necessitates a proactive approach in gaining the right skills and information that are crucial for success. DKV PDM is a comprehensive package specifically selected to match the needs of executives and professionals.

DKV Initiatives

  • Dubai Knowledge Village (DKV) Breakfast Club
  • Dubai Knowledge Village (DKV) Training Open Week
  • TECOM (DKV) Small-Medium Enterprise (SME) Builder
  • DKV Experts Channel
  • DKV Corporate Research Centre