Registration & Licensing Services

The ‘Registration and Licensing Department’ of Dubai Creative Clusters Authority (DCCA) provides all registration and licensing services for companies operating in the Free Zone. All services provided are subject to the applicable laws and regulations in the Free Zone issued by DCCA as amended from time to time.  The procedure and forms for license renewal, amendments and cancellation can be accessed from DCCA website

License Renewal

  • Commercial licenses are for a period of one year and are renewable on an annual basis, to enable companies to continue their operation. To access the procedure and forms for license renewal, please click here
  • Please note that if there is a delay in renewing the license, DCCA will impose a financial penalty as per the prevailing tariff and may suspend or revoke the license

License Amendments

Business Partners may apply to make the following amendments to their commercial license:

  • Change Company Name
    • Company Name Change (FZ-LLC)
    • Operating Name Change (branch of a foreign company)
    • Parent company name change  (branch of a foreign company)
  • Change Director
  • Change Manager
  • Change Company address
  • Change or add a segment or activity
  • Change of activity / add activity within the same segment
    • Add new activity under new segment
    • Add new publication title
    • Add new publication segment
    • Add new channel
    • Add new broadcasting segment

To access the procedure and forms for any of the license amendments above, please click here

Share Transfer

During the operation of the Company in the Zone, a FZ-LLC can change its Share structure under any of the options below:

  • Increase the Share Capital by issuing new Shares to new or existing shareholders
  • Transfer of existing Shares to new or existing Shareholders
  • Decrease of Share Capital

To access the procedure and forms for change the share structure of your company, please click here

Conversion from Branch of a Foreign Company to a FZ-LLC

While operating as a branch of a company, any Business Partner is allowed to convert their legal status from a Branch to a FZ-LLC.  To access the procedure and forms, please click here

Merge (Amalgamation) of Companies

Two or more Companies which are incorporated in the Zone, may apply for consent to amalgamate and continue as one company.  To access the procedure and forms, please click here

License Cancellation and De-registration

If you wish to cancel your license,  please click here to access the procedure and forms