Networking events

Breakfast Club

Is an exclusive networking event that brings together officials of leading companies in the UAE and human development professionals based in Dubai Knowledge Village to network, exchange ideas and share knowledge. The event seeks to bring a host of senior decision makers and thinkers to drive a discussion that will contribute to the development of this field.

Two events per year are organized for Breakfast Club members. Every event has a specific theme where speakers present topics and share their knowledge and experience in developmental issues, strategy plans, expected and measured outcomes as well as the lessons learned from this experience. Any member of the Breakfast Club is also welcome to share knowledge with the group or recommend someone they feel would be appropriate.

Topics covered during the workshops are driven by the members of the Breakfast Club. You will have opportunities to share your challenges and question the experience of others during Breakfast Club sessions.


Training Open Week

Is a three day annual event which pulls together the training & HR companies within the DKV community and provides them with a platform to communicate their services to the region.

A multitude of free seminars and workshops from global Training and HR Consultancies are lined up in diverse segments such as HR, Marketing, Sales, Project Management, Strategy, Leadership and IT to provide an accurate representation of today’s current trends in the industry.

This event is open to anyone who is looking for a knowledge boost from the business community or the general public ranging from students, housewives to the elderly to attend. Sessions vary from a few hours to a full day and a certification of attendance is granted to all attendees, post event.



Provides the ideal environment for owners of small and medium enterprises to upgrade business management skills and widen contacts within their specific business segment for greater synergy. Tri annual workshops that form an integral part of TECOM SME Builder activities provide cutting-edge solutions to crucial issues faced by Small to Medium Business owners through the participation of leading industry experts and specialists.

In addition to SME owners, membership to TECOM SME Builder is open to even those who are considering the prospect of launching their own business and tap into the large knowledge repository resident within the membership. Prospective business owners also stand to gain considerable information through interaction with peers from the industry sectors that they are targeting.


Is part of a series of initiatives led by the Partner Development Management (PDM) division to serve over 4,500 companies based in TECOM Business Parks across multiple industries, including information and communication technology (ICT), media, education, life sciences and clean technology. The initiative complements TECOM’s value-added services to business partners that distinguish the parks from other free zones in the region. The event is held annually and is organized by TECOM Group.

The CEO Network initiative aims to develop synergies among our resident businesses across all TECOM parks and entities, in addition to creating a platform for exchange that offers growth and collaboration opportunities. Recognized as a valuable executive business opportunity tool, the TECOM CEO Network allows high level management professionals to discuss contemporary issues and new approaches to challenges and opportunities. It also prompts the sharing of best practices that respond and anticipate to current and potential market trends.