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DKV Research Papers

The following research paper section is an initiative launched by Dubai International Academic City and Dubai Knowledge Village, focusing on research in the areas of business and corporate related issues whilst offering market data to serve the UAE business community.

DIAC and DKV aims to support and nurture the business community in Dubai by providing significant data analysis and a corporate research bank.

We aim to offer a wealth of knowledge and expertise in areas of research and consultancy, offering up-to-date analysis on business research data, results and resolutions.

Emirati graduates choose government over private sector jobs - According to a report by DKV Business Partner

UAE graduates prefer to work for government organisations rather than UAE private sector firms and multinational companies, according to a research study conducted by online recruiting firm,, in association with ten leading universities in the UAE.

The study, entitled "Recruiting Top Emirati Graduates", found that 86% of Emirati male graduates and 66% of females prefer to work in the government sector after graduation. Multinationals were second in popularity, with UAE private sector firms being the last choice, preferred by just 4% of males and 10% of females.

Respondents cited higher salary and benefits, better working conditions and greater job security as the main reasons for the appeal of the government sector.

The study shows that Abu Dhabi investment firm Mubadala is the employer of choice for the majority of graduates, followed by Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC), Masdar (also a subsidiary of Mubadala), Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation (ENEC) and Abu Dhabi Executive Council.

A significant number of graduates interviewed by said that they were attracted by the prospect of working with other Emiratis. While they were open to working with other cultures and nationalities, many felt more comfortable in a predominantly Emirati workplace where they shared common habits and where they could be sure that their culture and values were fully understood and hence respected, according to the study.

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