Ibrahim Moosa Jamel

Director of Operations

Education Cluster - TECOM Group

Ibrahim Moosa Jamel is Director of Operations for the Education Cluster of TECOM Group.

Ibrahim has more than 24 years of experience in Human Resources Management covering various fields of the HR profession in some of the largest and most dynamic public and free zone sector organizations in Dubai, Dubai Municipality (DM) and TECOM (Education Cluster).

The scope of Ibrahim’s experience covered various aspects of HR in Dubai Municipality and is currently in one of the most dynamic and reliable semi government group TECOM running the operations of higher education and HRM cluster.

Ibrahim holds a Masters Degree in Business, majoring in Human Resource Management  from Queensland University of Technology, Australia and a bachelor degree in Business Administration from EWU, USA.

Ibrahim is a results, efficiency and quality-oriented professional who believes in the strategic and knowledge management role of Human Resources in achieving the business objectives and strategies of an organization.